" Charlotte: A Tale of Truth" by Susanna Rowson.

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Good vs. Evil

"Without good there is no evil." A wise philosopher once stated that, and he/she was right. In all walks of life there is good and evil, including in Charlotte: A Tale of Truth. Charlotte is one of the only truly good main characters in this novel, with the exception of her generous parents. Montraville on the other hand starts to be a good person but in the end he is just as evil as anyone by breaking the poor heart of Charlotte. Although that could not have been achieved without the unwanted help of the evil Belcour. Charlotte: A Tale of Truth illustrates the truth about good and evil in the world.

Charlotte Temple was an innocent young girl growing up in England in the mid to late 1700's. Although no a child of extremely wealthy parents, they were wealthy enough to send her to boarding school.

Being only 15 at the time she was still very innocent and well devoted to her parents. Charlotte is clearly brought to destruction by allowing her emotion to prevail her 'good sense' by indulging herself with the unauthorized meetings with Montraville. Charlotte also has a terrible character flaw in the fact that she is very easily manipulated by other people, especially Montraville. If only she would have used her good sense that she possessed any other time then the mess that she got into could have been avoided. Charlotte was probably the only truly innocent person in the whole novel and she was taken advantage of by a lying scoundrel. That is if you believe that there is such a thing as truly innocent and if you believe being naïve is not a sin. Charlotte is also very lost in her own sexual feelings. She believes that she loves Montraville...