Chat Rooms

Essay by Anonymous UserB, October 1995

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Chat Rooms

We are becoming more technologically advanced in this world and computers are steadily increasing in homes, schools, and workplaces. More and more people are getting online connections and exploring the internet. Thousands of people are becoming addicted to chat rooms online. Why the craze about chat rooms? Why do these people want to sit for hours talking to someone they have never met in person and don't know anything about? What enjoyment do they get out of this? First, many people are lonely and looking for someone to talk to. When they talk to someone online, they are more at ease because they can talk about anything they want to, not worrying what the person will think of them. They can ask questions and discuss certain topics easily without getting embarrassed. The person they are talking to will most likely never meet them in real life, so they are not worried.

Some people are lonely and need someone to talk to. They are too shy to talk to people in person and make friends, so online they do not have to worry about anything. For example, what will he/she think of me? Another reason chat rooms are so popular is that people can make-believe. If someone asks them online how they look, they can exaggerate and describe themselves as beautiful models, or someone in their wildest dreams. In person, people know how a person looks like, there's no way of disguising it. Why do people want to pretend that they are someone that they really aren't? This stems from low self-esteem and wanting to be someone else. They do not like themselves or their looks. Another reason why people enjoy chatting online is because it's fun! They can joke around with others, tell stories and make...