Child Abuse M.Safi

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Child abuse

For almost all of my life I have never imagined that in my country there are people carrying such hatred in their hearts toward others. My field work for this course was mainly the point where I saw my country from a different view, it is no more the beautiful secure country where every one can go where ever he wants, and when ever he wants. I heard and saw a lot by only going to two or three places which are responsible for taking care of children. Most of the cases I saw were for physical abuse, because in our culture talking about abuse is very hard and specifically sexual abuse which is a restricted issue. First of all was the Abou El Reesh hospital which with out our Wasta we could never be allowed to talk with the patients. I went to El Kasr El Ani hospital where I meet Dr.

Souad Mousa and really with out her cooperation I would never achieve any thing in my research. She sent us to the child psychiatric clinic at Abou El Reesh where we were introduced to many child abuse cases.

What is really has to be mentioned is that this clinic receive about one hundred and twenty cases per day, and this day is only from 8am till 3pm!! All most all of the cases were of physical abuse and I only met one sexual abuse case at the clinic who agreed to talk about his experience with the psychiatrist. What the psychiatrist did that she told the parents of the kids that I am an assistant doctor and after she finishes asking them they have to come to talk to me, and this was the only way that the parents would agree to let the...