A Child Called " It"

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A Child called "it", by David Pelzer is an auto biography depicting the authors abusive childhood growing up. Pelzer writes about his struggle to stay alive because he is physically and verbally abused everyday by his mother. As the book begins, the school officals finally come to realize that there is an issue with Dave and his mother physically abusing him is a serious condition. Pelzer's explains how his mother was the perfect mother at one point in his life. He explains how when he was younger his mother took him on vacations, educated him, and was very loving and attentive. Then as Dave was growing up he was singled out by his mother and he was considered the family slave and the unwanted child. His mother constantly punished him by giving him reprimands and chores and constantly abusing him. One way his mother abused him was by playing games like gas chamber, and the starvation tease.

She thought it was humorous that she constantly wasn't feeding Dave. And the sad part is he had to cope and play her sick games in order to remain alive.

Dave finds it important to be honest and continues to be hopeful even though he is physically abused. Dave is an innocent, smart and strong little boy because to be able to survive that kind of abusive takes extreme physical and mental strength. This quotation explains how he was treated throughout his childhood and how his own mother played the favoritism game.

"After the boys had carved their pumpkins, I could hear mother, in her soothing voice, telling them a scary story. The more I heard, the more I hated each and every one of them. It was bad enough waiting, like a dog, out in the backyard on the rocks while...