"A Child Called It" - Dave Pelzer: a brief book report to help other essays achieve a better grade.

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Dave Pelzer has experienced a truly extraordinary life. As a child he endured the horrors of child abuse, included physical torture, mental cruelty and starvation. When Dave was rescued from his terrible life, he was identified as one of the most abused children in the state of California's history.

He's won the Pulitzer Price once, with "A Child Called It", and nominated twice.

This first book about Pelzer's childhood tells us about his early days, from the birth till his thirteenth year when he was rescued. The first five years in Dave's life seems to have been normal and happy. His mother and father loved each other and their three children. In the book Dave describes these happy days with situations like when they go away fishing, have picnics in the park and stories about their Christmases, which, according to Dave, was fantastic. But life tears the family apart.

The father, who is a fireman, works a lot and spends less time with the family. The mother starts drinking and it's now Dave's hell begins.

Following the drinking the mother becomes very aggressive and hostile. She announces Dave as the family's source to unhappiness and punishes him. At first Dave's brothers tries to protect their brother which results in more punishments both for Dave and the brothers so they stop with this. By the time the mother teaches the brothers too to hate Dave. The only family member who shows Dave some kind of respect and love is the father but he doesn't spend very much time at home.

In the beginning of Dave's Dark years he "only" had to make various chores to satisfy the mother but by time the punishments became crueler and after a while pure torture.

He is now the family's slave. He is...