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Teen- Observation

Test subject: teen ( Sister ) 15

My observation of my sister has to with her development of her thinking process. I had given her a math evaluation and I wanted to tester her in four areas of math. Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, algebra and geometry were subjects used. The object of this evaluation is to observe the test subject on how one method is used and is it transitions to the next level of math.

I handed her a pencil and pen for utensils. The first paper had five addition and five subtraction problems. I asked her to do all ten problems and to take her time. As she scanned the paper she quickly wrote down her answers. I noticed that she was going quickly through out all ten problems. When done I congratulated her told her it was easy. With satisfaction her appearance was lazy and unmotivated to continue her evaluation.

The following paper I gave her were twenty questions of division and multiplication. I again told her to take as much time needed. This time I timed her with out her knowing and the problems were longer than usual. Beginning her problems I saw she was going fast through the first ten multiplication problems. Once she reached the division problems I noticed she was taking longer than she was from her first test. Then saw her use addition to tally up her number, the she subtracted those to give her solution to the problem. In 2.34 minutes she was done.

Know came the algebra paper. I consisted of five problems and were easier than normal. I again told her to take as much time as possible but I timed her. She picked up her pencil and wrote on. She was using methods...