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Economics on Walmart

Economics basically is the study of allocation of scarce resources among many competing users. The word scarcity is the main problem in economics, this means that the supply in a given country is not enough to feed their demand (Wessels, 2006) Economics helps us understand how different countries and regions function. In this essay I will explore two articles namely "Empty shelves plague Wal-mart stores in U.S as employees disappear" by Renee Dudley and "Wal-mart, despite profit gain, says rise in payroll tax hindered shoppers" by Stephanie Clifford.

Article (1) financial post: Empty shelves plague Wal-mart stores in U.S as employees, customers disappear.

The author interviewed various people affected by Wal-mart issues either directly or indirectly. This people include customers, employees and company management. According to Hancock one of the faithful customers she had to quit shopping from Wal-mart stores because she continuously lacked basic items she wanted to buy.

She says that during her previous visit to the stores she could not find more than a dozen of her basic items. She stated that products are pilled in the stores but the workforce to arrange them in the shelves is not enough. According to the customers, the company was self inflicting themselves because there are several places they can assess the same goods.

Renee talked to one of the store operator in Wal-mart, according to him; the company has added 455 stores in the last few years but the workforce dropped by 1.4% (Dudley, 2012). The supply of the workforce in Wal-mart was not able to feed the demand. This is unfair to workers who are overworked and unfortunately underpaid. Company's employees complain of firing and non replacement of workers this leaves some departments unattended...