Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is more prevalent today than ever before. Our children for the future are being failed. Healthy living needs to be taken more seriously. More and more households have both parents working full-time jobs to provide shelter, food, and clothing for their families. Providing the basic necessities is not enough for a healthy family. Parents need to become more involved with their child's life. Child obesity has been medically proven to increase the risk of long-term life altering illnesses. A more positive role by our nations parents should be taken to lead our children to a healthier future.

Emma a nine year old weighs a hundred and ten pounds. When returning home from school one day she learnt that all the elevators were not working in the building where she lived. She was faced with the dilemma of climbing eight floors to her apartment. As she started to climb the stairs, she began to have trouble breathing.

She had to pause for breaks at almost every second floor. After half-an hour, she reached the eighth floor though with a lot of difficulty.

Kids these days consume a lot of junk food. Fast food is becoming more popular than ever; it's convenient, predictable and fast. It has become a part of today's busy lifestyle. In addition to fast food, children lead a very sedentary life. The Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute says that forty-two percent of children almost never participate in organized sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball and football. Basically in the long run, lack of exercise, peer pressure and poor eating habits leads to obesity. If parents spend more time with their children and teach them the right food to eat, the obesity problem can be solved.

Obesity is the disease of other diseases. Majority of...