Children's rights.

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Children around the world suffer appalling abuses. Too often, street children are killed or tortured by police. Children as young as seven or eight are recruited or kidnapped to serve as soldiers in military forces.

Sometimes as young as six years old, children are forced to work under extremely difficult conditions, often as bonded laborers or in forced prostitution. They are imprisoned in inhumane conditions, sometimes in cells with adults. They are often brutalized by guards. Refugee children, often separated from their families, are vulnerable to sexual abuse, or domestic violence. Ironically, within the care of the state, children are often subject to abuse and mistreatment, orphaned and abandoned children are housed in appalling institutions where they suffer from cruelty and neglect; many die. For many students, life in and outside of the classroom is intolerable--at the hands of peers and teachers, many children suffer under acts of discrimination, abuse, sexual violence, and harassment.

In many countries, teachers are allowed to use corporal punishment on children. Children are discriminated against in education because of their race or ethnicity. Children orphaned or otherwise affected by HIV/AIDS are discriminated against and often are left to fend for themselves.