Child Labor

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Nowadays, we have to concern about many social problems that keep occurring every minutes, child labor is the one of that. Children around the world are not only working harder and longer hours, but they are also working in dangerous conditions that could seriously affect their health and, in some cases, even kill them. Child labor is a serious and alarming problem and many are employed illegally or in dangerous conditions that maim them, while others grow up without education and are given to life-long poverty. Eventhough the children face many and various damages-which leave them injured, weakened and deformed-they are forced and allowed from their parents to work. Children have to work off because they are trapped in debt bondage. Some have to work because of their poverty. And many children work because there is little else to do: schools are unavailable or inadequate-or too expensive. Another injustice of child labor is that many working children earn little or nothing at all.

Even those employed as wage laborers receive only pitifully poor pay. This is a prime reason for the employment of children-they are a cheap source of labor. But as low as their wages are, children can still bring in a large part of a family’s income. Children could make up more money by selling flowers at busy intersections or by working as household domestic servants. But the most widely rejected forms of child labor include the military use of children as well as child prostitution. However, child labor is the importance source of some family’s income, children must be protected by law base on children’s rights. Governments should put an eye on employers not to hire children working at dangerous and illegally conditions. They should remove all children from any labor that could be physical or moral...