China's One Child Policy

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China's one child policy was introduced by its government in 1979 to help reduce it's nations population. In 1979 China's population had already reached 972,136,875, and the government felt there was a need for action to contain China's overpopulation situation. To help enforce this policy, the government gave rewards to couples who agreed with this course of action. They offered couples free medical care, monthly wage bonuses, better wages and longer vacations if they had one child. However, if they had a second child, then a penalty would ensue. The couple would have to give back the benefits received from the government. Women who managed to give birth to a second child were also subjected to compulsory sterilization and a fine of up to $300, an enormous sum for poor Chinese.

China's one child policy is morally wrong because every woman has the right to reproduce and have babies, and every couple has the right to have a family.

The one child policy also causes an increase of infanticide, couples in China would rather have a male child than a female. According to Chinese family tradition there must be a boy in the family to carry on the family name. Most girls that were born were abandoned or killed. This caused an unbalanced sex ratio among the younger generation.