China's Relations With The US

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Our current status with China is not at its best. The U.S. and China disagree on a few points. The problems we face with our relationship with China include the difference of government, the balance of diplomatic power, the W.T.O., and human rights.

Although the civilians of China doubt communism and are again starting to protest it and hope for a more democratic government (1); the corrupt members of the Communist Party show no sign of budging.(2) The U.S. strictly does not support communism or communist-run countries. This is making the relationship with mostly communist-run China very difficult. There's no real way to solve this. The U.S. will not change their government, and it looks doubtful that China will change their's anytime soon. So, although this is one of the biggest problems, it's probably a red herring to hope to solve it.

China supports communist-run countries, while the U.S. usually supports democratic-run countries.

This severely unbalances the diplomatic power. Taiwan practices democracy. Not only does the U.S. support Taiwan, but they also supply them with military items; such as cruisers and jets. Because China does not get along well with Taiwan, this is not good for our relationship with them. China supports N. Korea, while the U.S. supports S. Korea. It would be difficult for the U.S. and China to get along while they support these, until recently, feuding countries. To solve this, the smartest thing to do would be to change who the U.S. supports. Not change and support the countries that China do, just don't support the countries that conflict with China's interests. There's only a few countries that we'd have to withdraw support from, and it's worth it to gain China's trust and understanding.

The W.T.O. also plays a large role in our relationship with...