Choice of keep or eraseing a baby's exsistance and the moral delimea that deals with afterward.

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As she peered into the mirror

Her face looked pale and drawn

All her youthful radiance

Seemed foreever gone

She felt no joy inside her heart

Her peace had gone away

Replaced with only fear and dread

Of what she faced today

It was only eight short weeks

Since she turned seight teen

She had been so full of life

She was the girl on the scene

She had felt so much in love

She'd hoped that very soon

that he would feel it to

And she'd be a bride by june

Then one day the doctor called

There was a baby on the way

And when she told her boyfriend

He packed and moved away

He didn't want a baby

So he told her what to do

She must abort the baby

Or the two of them were through

Though he'd said he loved her

The day she'd given in

She had known her choice was wrong

It was nothing more than sin

She had turned her back on God

And set her faith aside

Now her life was such a mess

She wished that she could hide

Now once again she'd given in

The pressure was too great

So she had called the clinic

To set the fateful date

Staring at this looking glass

She'd never felt so sad

But soon this would be over

And he no longer would be mad

The time had come for her to go

She got into her car

She drove slowly to the clinic

It wasn't very far

The day was dark and gloomy

There fell a misty rain

The weather seemed to understand

As if it felt her pain

As she pulled into the parking lot

Her mind began to swirl

As she wondered if her baby

Was a little...