The Choice is Yours

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Life is full of choices. It is like going on a shopping spree. Now it is all up to you, your tastes and preferences. You choose between happiness and worries, you choose what you want to do with the time at your disposal- whether you want to spend it in useful ways or if you would rather settle for momentary pleasures.

God has given us everything. There is a plethora of opportunities available. How we would like to shape our life with all that He has given us is entirely for us to decide.

Have we ever paused to think, how fortunate we are to have all that we have? There are so many who would long to be in our shoes. But all that we do is only compare and complain. This is what is very strange. Why are we so ungrateful, at times?Like spoilt children we keep complaining about things we do not have.

In fact we are mostly to be blamed for the situations that we find ourselves in. A student who blames God for his poor performance, for example, must realize that he had had enough time and opportunity to prepare for his exams but, he had spent that precious commodity, time, in wasteful activities which has led him to the present condition.

One can cite examples from history, the unmindful choices made by many of the kings helped the foreigners to invade our country. The selfish decisions and ego clashes of a few dictators led to the world wars. The Indian Mythology gives us many such instances- If only Ravan had listened to the counsels of his well wishers, he might probably have been saved from his doom. If only Sita had not crossed the boundary line drawn by Lakshman, she would never have...