"A Christmas Carol": Play Review

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For my play review I decided to review "A Christmas Carol". I also had the pleasure of seeing "Hello Dolly". I was very impressed by the Casper College production of "A Christmas Carol" the script managed to keep the same story line while making it accessible to even the very young. It was nice to see a lot of families sitting in the crowd, because it is so important that children are subjected to theatre while their young so that they can really culturally rounded.

When the show first started I didn't know what to make of it, because it wasn't quiet the story line I remember from other renditions of A Christmas Carol . The play had a lot of singing and chanting which lightened the mood and made it more intense. The actors also used a lot of repetition. For example, tick, tick, tick, time, time, time, money, money, money.

However, despite the repetiton these words were different in each context.

I particularly enjoyed the acting in this play. The play was very well cast. Although mostly men it didn't feel like it was lacking women. I found one actor really amusing, that was Christian. He managed to pull of being a women very funnily. His gestures were always over the top adding flair to the show and emphasizing the comedic relief in the script. I also was very impressed with Natasha Radosevich. Her innocent looks and beautiful musicianship was what made the play. The other children were also a nice touch. Tiny Tim was cast perfectly although he didn't quite have the whole limp down. Scrooges (Richard Burk) was also really well cast. He looked the part and did a perfect baw hum bug. I also cannot say enough about each of the...