Chronicles 1 and 2: My Continued Struggle to Prove how the Bible is based on Lies.

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I-IX: The first nine chapters perfectly exemplify the endless genealogies that Paul tells us to avoid in 1Tim.i.4 and Tit.iii.9.

i.25: Shortest verse in the Old Testament in case you were wondering.

i.32: This verse refers to Keturah as Abraham's concubine when Gen.xxv.1 says that she was his wife.

i.43: For some reason the editors copied the verse of Gen.xxxvi.31.

ii.15: It states here that David was Jesse's seventh son. Given that seven is a number of great symbolic significance, that is not too surprising. However, 1Sam.xvi.10-11 states that he was actually his eighth, so which 'divinely inspired' author is correct?

iii.19-20: the sons of Zerubbabel; Meshullam, and Hananiah, Jusha-bhesed, five. How can there be five sons of Zerubbabel when 7 males and one female are listed?

iii.22: Hattush, and Igeal and Barial, and Neariah, and Shaphat, six. Five names don't total six.

viii.33: According to this verse, the names of the sons of Saul and Jonathan were Esh-baal and Merib-baal despite the fact that both worshipped Yahweh.

So problematic is this fact that the editors changed their names in 2Sam.ii.8 & ix.6.

x.14: This verse gives us two pieces of information, which are contradicted elsewhere. Firstly the writers state that when Saul visited the witch of Endor he inquired not of the Lord, but in 1Sam.xxviii.6 it says that he did. More glaringly is its assertion that because of this, Yahweh slew him which is contradicted three times in the Bible, each giving a different account.

xi.5: There is here recorded the name Bealiah, which is translated as 'Yah is Baal'.

xii.8: The Gadites had faces like lions and could run as fast as deer on the mountains.

xiii.10: As already mentioned in 1 King{, Uzza was electrocuted by the ark.

xiv.15: The use of omens to...