"Citizen Cane"- Analysis of two scenes

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The first scene plays in the "Thatcher library". The librarian talks on the phone to the commissioner of the library and tells then the reporter the circumstances under which he can see and use Mr. Thatcher's manuscript. They then walk into a big hall where a security guard gives the reporter the book while the librarian tells him that he is only supposed to read the chapters regarding Mr. Kane, whereas that's the only thing the reporter is interested in. We then see what the reporter reads and when we read "1871" the next scene starts, which is a flashback.

The second scene starts with showing young Charles Kane playing in the snow. He seems wild and full of energy, which fades over the scents of time as the movie goes on. We're then leaded through the window into the boarding house of Mrs. Kane, where Mr. Kane, Mrs. Kane and Mr.

Thatcher are at. Mrs. Kane is giving Charles away to Mr. Thatcher and is going over the papers with him, while Mr. Kane is arguing about why he can't raise his boy by his self. Mrs. Kane however, keeps on signing the papers. She is the only authority of the two parents whereas only her name is needed to sign the papers and she is only authorized by the bank to do so. After Mr. Thatcher tells Mr. Kane that each party will get 50000$ a year, the father finally settles down and seems to be blended by the money. The mother doesn't show any emotion and her voice and facial expression is flat, whereas the father is felt with excitement. They all go outside and Charles is meeting Mr. Thatcher, whereas he finds out that he will be separated from his family from now on. He is...