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The film premiered on May 1, 1941. "Citizen Kane" is about, a newspaper tycoon, Citizen Foster Kane, and it chronicles his life from a young boy to his death. It starts off with his death and his dying word being rosebud. This was a sleigh he played with as a child. We only see his life through the eyes of his friends and enemies. It's impossible to totally see what this movie is all about, but it is basically just about one man's emptiness and loneliness of which he tried to fill with when he inherits a small newspaper company and turns it into one of the most successful periodical companies in the country.

the film deals with the Charles Kane not being able to love anyone or anything with his life. His inheritance from his father set him up with a business on his long and successful career.

He has no time lo care for anything with all of the devotion that he put into his work. Early in life he had no cares in the world as he played with his sled. This turns out to be the last time he had a childish moment. From then on he had no time for playing as he worked.

The film had use of light and shadow, which enhanced the situation viewed by the public. Also how Orson Welles seemed to have a real deep focus on each term of his life. Another method used in the film was the low angle cameras were used. The cameras were used to display a point of view facing upwards which shows the people in the film to have a sence of power or athority over everyone.