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The democrats and republicans go back for more than 140 years since the time of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. The democratic party started way back when a group led by Jackson thought that the government was more concerned with the wealthy that the average person (book lists: farmers, settlers and city laborers). He was elected into presidency in 1828 and began the history of the democrats. The republicans where not started by just one group but many small groups. These small groups didn't like what the democratic policies were and joined together. Many republicans didn't like slavery and the Republican Party soon spread to many U.S. territories. It wasn't until 1860 that the first republican member was elected into office. This member was President Abraham Lincoln.

My thoughts and opinions on government and more importantly the two major parties where totally wrong. I thought all congress did was sit in those big nice comfy seats and listen to each other talk.

I never knew that congress was split into two different houses. This whole discussion helped me get a grasp on what the government does and especially what they think on major issues in our nation and the world.

There are many differences between democrats and republicans. I see republicans as more of the younger more energetic group of people in our nation. Republicans would like to see our nation develop itself by increasing technology and other industries. The republicans would like to see our nation grow stronger and stronger in the world. Republicans are more of the middle to upper class of Americans as I see them. They try to make our living environment better and try to give us a better life in general. They of course like to see the dollar signs as you...