Civil War And The Wreck Of the Republic

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When the Civil War began there were many conflicts. These dealt

with territiory, control, and discrimination beween mant things including

things like race and religion. The wreck of the Republic was caused by

similar causes of the civil war. Calhouns' journey opend up several issues of

change that destroyed the unity of the Republic and the crew on board. The

civil war, in which the union was destroyed is representative of the destrucion

of the Republic. This essat dicusses the differences which caused the

destruction of the Republic and cause of the Civil War.

One of the majior issues of the civil war was slavery. Also Calhouns'

dealing with the Almuseri tribe and his roots as to where he came from. The

captain, Falcon representing the south, or the Union army, wanted control of

everything, something he could obviously not have if he were to be a true

leader of the crew.

Before the civil war, the south wanted to be able to

control their own freedoms, and have the power to contorl what was moral or

not. The South never gave up on the fact slaves were neccesary for their

economy. And Falcon persised when it came to his job.

The wreck of the Republic occured when the Almusseri took control of

the ship, and calhoun was torn betweeen loyalty of the north and the south,,

or Falcon or his own people. The republid in itslef was like a slave too. "As

runawat slaves follow the North Star, having no guide to their homeland but a

single light overhead, so the Republic steered by the stars for a fortnight."

(p.152-153). The republic can be compared to the United States after the

civil war. The United States was like the Republic because there was a

rebellion on the ship,