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On December 24, 2011 a moment in time changed my life forever. A time in my life that I am extremely grateful for and would not have it happen any other way. I never realized how much I can affect somebodies life but I'm pretty sure they never thought so either.

Having parents that work in the medical field, I tend to run in to charity work especially during the holidays. When I received the news from my mother that we would be doing another charity drive for a family, I wasn't shocked. In fact, I expected it to be a family whose parents just lost their jobs, but it was so much more than that. Sitting on the bed, my mother explained to my brother and I about their situation. It was a month right before Christmas, when a family's life changed forever. They were all in the house when out of nowhere a fire drastically started.

The father managed to save all four of his young children but damaged his back in the process. He then became unemployed due to his inability to work. This family had absolutely nothing after that night. The parents were absolutely devastated because everything they worked so hard for was completely gone. Where could they go? How would they be able to feed their children? I knew it was my job to not only provided this family with the basic necessities of living but to also let this family know, that all though things may seem bad at the moment there are people in the world who are very much willing to help no matter what the cost.

Two weeks before Christmas Eve was very hectic. My mother and I would spend countless hours shopping in order for this family to...