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Star Wars: Attack of the Clones!!! (Pause.) That's not really what my

speech is about. It's about something a lot more complex and a lot more

complicated than just Star Wars. It's about human cloning.

First of all, let me start out by saying right off the bat that I'm totally

against human cloning. Picture for a moment that there was another "you"

running around. (Pause.) I have to admit that that would be pretty cool,

wouldn't it? You could cut everything you had to do in half. But there's a lot

more to it than just that...

For the past few decades, scientists have been very excited about the study

of human cloning. And I can understand why. I mean, it's a major scientific

advance and breakthrough. They haven't cloned a human successfully yet, but I

know if they keep trying and getting the kinks out of their techniques that,

eventually, they'll accomplish what they've been working on.

Just imagine; to be

able to make a human being artificially. That's pretty crazy. But think about

this: Why in the world would anyone want to make, and I literally mean make, a

human being? Why can't people just let nature take it's coarse? Why can't

people just leave nature alone? Why do people think that they need to tamper

and experiment with it in order to maybe make it "better" or "more interesting"?

I know that not everyone agrees with me. Some people are for human

cloning. Some people believe that this breakthrough is great and can't wait for

it to advance even more, to where maybe even cloned humans don't have any

defects and are advanced enough to where they can be released into society and

not just kept in labs. But for me, I...