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Project: Lets Clone the Thylacine

In science, cloning is the process of creating a genetically similar copy of an organism, whether it is an animal, a plant, or your pet dog that you have had since you were a child. The process of cloning can be very long and tiring process. The most common process of cloning is called "Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer". In this process, a cell is extracted from the organism that is to be cloned and then is fused with an unfertilized egg cell that has had the DNA extracted from it. Once the cells are fused, the early embryo is zapped with an electrical shock to kick start the duplication of the cells and then is implanted in a surrogate mother to carry the embryo until birth when an exact clone is born. The Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, is believed by most to be extinct because humans hunted them after they were discovered killing Merino sheep, which the humans used to make textiles and for food.

Some scientists now believe that the Tasmanian tiger is still alive because of signs like paw prints. Unfortunately, the Thylacine cannot be protected by law because they are believed to be extinct. The Thylacine should be cloned to bring them back from extinction since humans were wrong to kill all of them after invading their natural habitat and because that way the law would protect them.

During colonization, humans moved from one land to another and often brought animals and crops to farm. By introducing a new animal into an environment, humans greatly affected the balance of ecosystem. Colonists often hunted anything that threatened their crops and animals because they considered them pests. Unfortunately for many animals like the Thylacine, the colonists killed to...