"Cloning - A Gift From God ... Or an Injustice Towards Humanity?" A moral and religious debate between the pro's and con's of cloning.

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Cloning - a Gift From God, or an Injustice Towards Humanity?

In a world that is as fast paced as the one we live in today, it is hard to stop and remember the moral values and religious beliefs we were taught as children. We live in a world where science is put on a pedestal, and religion is a far off thought saved for holidays that we hardly remember the meanings of. Why is it that when we hear about scientific advancements we get excited, and even praise the accomplishment, but when one suggests going to Sunday mass, we quirk a brow and stare as if they had spoken of teaching children how to talk to strangers and eat their candy. Recently, the buzz in the scientific world is the cloning of animals, and dare I say, some day, humans. For whatever the reason may be, they have thrown all those well taught early lessons about morality and religion out the window, and created a whole religion in itself.

The controversial issue of cloning has been, up until recently, a high tech fantasy of the far off future. Little did we know that cloning has been in play for years. Scientists look upon this as a miracle; some even say a gift, from God. But would it truly be any Gods wish to create a being that has not fit the biological standard that the rest of the populace has come into this world? I think not.

Scientists have fantasized about the idea for generations, and finally, that fantasy has become a reality. It all started with a simple lamb and a dream. The creator of this miracle (and I use the term as loosely as possible) Ian Wilmut, a scientist of the Roslin Institute in Roslin, Scotland, set...