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This paper selects a foreign market that is INDIA, for a product/service that is marketed in the U.K. STARBUCKS COFFEE CORPORATION. The country of origin, (based in Seattle's) U.S.A. The company Starbucks is not currently marketed in India, so as to understand, analyse, evaluate and explain the current market situation and environment of the local, international and target market, to identify the complexity and variety of international marketing, focusing on market entry strategies. It proceeds with the PEST analysis of the target country with the C factor in mind (highlighted). The report process with the opportunity analysis undertaken by STARBUCKS COFFEE CORPORATION with the advantage of the marketing mix and its core competencies for market penetration in the Indian market. Lastly, the paper goes ahead to suggest the best course of action, the use of marketing information, make recommendations of market entry strategies with justification, as ways to enlarge the market share of the company.


This report will analyse Starbucks Coffee Corporation from the standpoint of a global retail café company expanding its market share in India, from the viewpoint of going international, from the marketing perspective.

Being a famous and well accepted brand in the U.S. it brings with it the business strategy, people (internal) management, style, shared values of the western culture, and most importantly entering into a market of diverse values, religion, habits, preferences, income variations, customs and living style. Having done that, it discusses the strengths and core competencies of the company, revealing the brand image it has.

The marketing mix of the company is then determined to show us about he strong viewpoint of product, price, promotion and place of Starbucks.

Starbucks Coffee Corporation is based in Seattle, U.S.A. In the 1970's, Starbucks was a local small-scale coffee bean...