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Topic: Our motherland 'Earth' is in danger. Humans are exploiting the Earth in bad condition. What do you think are the main causes and effects which are abusing 'Earth'? Discuss and Give your own opinion?

Our motherland, 'Earth' is much like a home, but, we never care to look after it like our earth homes. Humans are destroying the earth. It became the most important issue all around the world. We just talk about it! Never act. The earth provides resource's that are exploitable by humans for useful purposes. There are many causes which are effecting our earth and environment that include Deforestation, Pollution, Climate change, Overconsumption or Overpopulation waste and much more.

Our earth is in danger. I think it is the right time to think about our earth and environment. Today, Man is creating imbalance in nature.

Man exploits earth's forest cover for woods, building, land and other recourses. Deforestation due to natural hazards and forest fire are called natural deforestation. As we know that, forest is one of the most significant factor in natural balance. Deforestation is so extensive, it has made several significant impacts on the environment, including carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere, changing the water cycle, an increasing soil erosion, a decrease in biodiversity and many more. It increase the risks of landslides. Which is biggest threat to us. We all know, Man destruct the earth rain forest by cutting and use land for their own purposes, after knowing that, it decrease the production of oxygen, which is necessary no, not necessary, that is our life. We didn't live a single second without oxygen. Take slash as an example, it is an agricultural technique that involve the cutting and...