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Name____________________________________________________________ last first middle former last name social security number Current Mailing Address ______________________________________________________ number and street apt # city/state/zip or postal code country Home Phone ( ) ______________ Business Phone ( ) _______________ E-mail _________________________________ I will be at my current mailing address until approximately: month ______ day ______ year ______ Permanent Mailing Address ___________________________________________________________________________________ number and street apt # city/state/zip or postal code country Permanent Home Phone ( ) ___________________ Permanent E-mail __________________________________________ Entry Status _ First Year (no previous law school credit) _ Transfer (previous law school credit) Program: _ Full-Time Day _ Part-Time Evening _ Part-Time Day For Transfer Applicants Only: Term Applying for: _ Spring 2002 _ Summer 2002 _ Fall 2002 Citizenship Status: Please check one _ U.S. Citizen _ Permanent Resident: Number A _____________________ specify _ F (Student) Visa _ Other Visa ________________________________________ specify Do you intend to apply for financial aid? _ Yes _ No Sex (optional reply) _ Female _ Male Place of Birth (optional reply) _______________________________ _ Date of Birth (optional reply) _______________________ city/state or province/country month/date/year If you wish, indicate below your racial or ethic heritage.

Please check one.

_ American Indian _ African American/Black _ Caucasian _ Asian or Pacific Islander _ Hispanic/Latino The Law School seeks a diverse student body. You are strongly urged to provide a statement on separate paper which describes your cultural heritage, demonstrated leadership ability and/or any obstacles successfully overcome, such as educational or economic disadvantages.

OFFICE USE ONLY Date ______________________ Fee _ pd _ w Please carefully remove the four-page Application for Admission form from this booklet. Do not separate any application page. Application page 1 D e P a u l C o l l e g e o f L a w A p p l i c a t...