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College Education is Essential A college education is necessary in today's world. Education has been around for thousands of years and college education is one of the most important of them all. College education will prepare one with the understanding to be able to deal in today's problems, obstacles, and jobs. With the knowledge at the college level one will have more potential to find a better job and with a higher salary. Even though some people think college education is not essential; businesses, organizations, companies,and professionals in today's world demand it for the competitiveness and problems in today's economy.Education has been around for thousands of years. What is Education? Education is the knowledge or skills developed by the learning process and instruction. That means education has been here since the early cave men that walk the earth, millions of years ago because they learned how to hunt, gather, and develop a kind of communication.

However, times and environment have changed over the many years. As environment gradually grew into civilization, people started to have many questions about nature, the earth, and life. So, they turned to a higher level of education, back then it was probably religion. Hence, the people relied on priests for answers. While time passed by, people realize that they could now find the answers to their questions from knowledge learned from education. For this reason, a school system was developed to teach the people. As more questions got complicated the everyday person was then expected to at least have an elementary education, and then a high school education. As the world got more competitive, more businesses arose, cities develop, and more advanced technologies born; a college education was necessary to survive in today's environment and economy. College education will prepare the individual to...