The Value of a College Education.

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I think in today's society when people are asked what the value

Of a college education is, they may tend to think in terms of dollars

and cents. But I believe there is much more to it than just the financial aspect. I believe college is an opportunity for students to grow and learn in more ways that just by studying books. Students gain values from a college education as they learn to think outside the box and really test their mental limits. Students learn about respect, leadership, and communication from a college education.

However the true value of a college education is indefinite. All of the values previously mentioned are just doors leading to greater opportunities. These doors provide opportunities that one can only dream about and create situations that are impossible to anticipate. The true value of an education is unique to each individual; the benefits reaped will only match the student's investment or desire to succeed.

This alone makes the value of education distinctive from student to student, because every student invests their time in a variety of ways.

So why do students go to college? Is it because they view college as a path to a better job and greater economic security or do students view it as an opportunity for self-exploration and an opportunity to develop a philosophy on life? I believe that both have a lot to do with it. I believe that the values and expectations that students hold regarding their education will greatly influence how they are going to further their education. Simply put, if students value their education, they will work hard to succeed and make the most of their situations.

Benjamin Franklin once said "If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from...