Is College for Everyone?

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Kyler Hudson

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Essay 3 Final Draft

In Caroline Bird's renowned essay "Where College Fails Us", Bird says "… college has never been able to work its magic for everyone. And now that close to half our high school graduates are attending, those you don't fit the pattern are becoming more numerous, and more obvious." (Bird, Pg. 126) All Bird is saying is that college is not right for everyone and most of us go without really thinking about why we are going, these concepts might seem outlandish to most people, but with around 62.5% of high school students going directly to college ("College") it is a topic that should be look into more. This raises a question for students like myself and my fellow classmates, the question being "Why are we in college?" if you were to raise this question to a group of college students, the answers would probably vary greatly.

Some would say that they are there for job training/preparation, others would say that their parents wanted them to go, and some would just respond with a seemingly simple "I don't know".

The answer that most people in today's society deem as correct would be the job training/preparation response, but is this what college is actually for? If it is, then why are only the last two years of our college career completely focused on classes primarily pertaining to our specific major? Why is it that we are made to take preliminary learning classes like English and Mathematics when we have been drilled in them since the first grade? The reason for these general education courses is that colleges want us to be as well educated as possible. Catherine Seraphin, part of the College Xpress team, says "Students need to realize how skills learned in...