The color purple.

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In many novels, the struggling main characters often have some help getting through their problems. This is also the case for The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Celie, who is the main character has a very tough life. First she gets raped by her father and then continuously gets beat by her husband. She doesn't even express her emotion anymore. She has hit depression and she met two women who she admires, Sofia and Shug Avery. Sofia is the wife of her son. She is a built woman who is able to beat up her husband. Shug is a beautiful singer.

Sofia is not an average woman. She is very muscular. Sofia also does not understand what its like to be under someone's total control. She does not understand why Celie jumps whenever she is called. Harpo never beat Sofia yet. When Celie found out she got jealous and told Harpo that he should beat her.

When he tries to do so, Sofia beats him up instead. When Sofia found out that is was Celie who told him to beat her she got mad. Celie explained that the reason she said that because she was jealous and that Sofia was able to do something Celie was never able to do, fight. Sofia showed Celie that there is hope and she admired her.

The first time Celie saw a picture of Shug was on a picture that she found. She saw how beautiful Shug looked and wanted to look at her. Celie was never pretty, especially after a hard days work. She wished she could be like her. I think Shug gave Celie the will to survive. She admired Shug the whole time. Even when Shug came to her house and was mean, Celie was defending her.

Celie has a...