Columbia Bugaboot

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Hessler 4

Nick Hessler

Professor Ridgeway

ENGL 101-021

18 September 2014

Columbia Bugaboot: The Most Beautiful Boot Ever Made

The advertisement featured in Backpacker, shows a boot sitting out of the snow on a deck. The ad does an excellent job at portraying how warm the boots are by showing the snow melting off of the boots themselves. This point is also supported by the fact that all the snow around the boots are melted on the wooden platform, as if the boots are a source of heat, melting away all the snow. The way the boots shine, and glow help support the fact that they are a quality boot because the spotlight is directly on the boots. The boots have the spotlight and showcase how the lacing on the leather is a real piece of workmanship. The shine and glow, coming brightly out of the boot help support that your foot will be more than comfortable when you're walking in them.

The light shining out almost resembles a light glowing down from heaven as if the person wearing the boots will feel like they are walking on air when they have these boots on. The boots feature a red line that is on the sides of the boots, a red line that almost looks like it is a heated wire that melts the snow away when someone steps on it. The color red help resemble the heat that an oven or stove will typically give off. Back before the stovetops were made out of glass, stovetops would feature a coil that would run in a circle and heat the pot, directly on top of the coil. When the coils would heat up to heat the pot or whatever someone places on it, it would turn bright red, almost...