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"The most important thing that a commander can do is to see the ship from the eyes of the crew." (LaBarre) is a quote from Commander Mike Abrashoff of the U.S.S. Benefold. These questions were asked when he was conducting interviews with the entire crew of the U.S.S. Benefold after he saw horrible displays of disrespect when there was a change of commander on the U.S.S Benefold. He knew then that there was a need for change of leadership style to bring all levels in charge to a more decentralized organization. After doing so, the crew's dropout rate reduced and moral was raised throughout the ship. At that moment, Commander Mike Abrashoff knew that the old way of running a crew in the Navy was out and his non-segregation leadership was in. At the end of his naval career, he developed a leadership style trend that has taken off and been very successful.

This paper will cover the different types of leadership styles he uses, how they are valid in today's corporate environment, and a top leadership trait that should be required in order to be a leader.

To begin, an explanation of the type of leadership styles he uses is in order. When he was conducting the interviews, he was getting ideas on how to run the ship and crew to be more effective and productive. Sometimes the ideas were so phenomenal that he would implement the idea on the spot. Vroom's management types know this type of leadership style as "consult group". The definition from the Adaptation of Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Taxomomy on "Consult Group" states, "You present the problem to the group members in a meeting, get their suggestions, and them make a decision." (Bateman & Snell, 2004, p. 380) Another type of leadership skill that he...