Commentary on Refugee mother and child by Chinua Achebe

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True and advanced works of Chinua Achebe, Refugee Mother and Child is a beautiful poem. Chinua Achebe was born in the 1930s in Ogidi, Nigeria. Chinua wrote this poem after getting inspired by the citizens of the countries which were going through war. He illustrates the difficulties and suffering they had to go through.

The poem is organized into two stanzas each with different lengths. The lines are more or less the same size. The lines are explained clearly and are easy to understand with simple meaning. The poet adopts the blank verse of writing.

The title is short and direct. It portrays the relationship between a mother and her child. It shows the feelings of a mother towards her child.

The poem begins with a strong feeling of a mother towards her child who is going to die and the mother is not willing to give up on her child.

The poet compares Mother Mary and Jesus to the mother and child showing religiousness and honesty of them. The poet connects her to being a religious person. This shows the mother's tenderness and love towards her child. The opening lines grab complete attention of the reader and indulging him completely into the poem.

Chinua then moves from the mother and child to the lives of people who are living in the refugee camp. Odors and the stench of diarrhea were throughout the camp. All the children were suffering from malnutrition and starvation. The "washed-out ribs and dried up bottoms" shows the lack of basic necessities for survival. A feeling of disparity and hopelessness is seen all around the camp with other mothers who have given up hope. There is hope witnessed in one of the mothers who doesn't let go her child and doesn't stop counting on. Though...