Communicating with the External Public

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IntroductionThe subject I would like to write about for this week in my paper is the National Football League and how it communicates with its external publics. The National Football League communicates with its publics in several different ways. It uses television very extensively to obviously televise its football games appearing in selected regions that are loyal followers of certain teams. It also uses television to make press releases and public relations motivated speeches concerning various disciplinary issues involving National Football Players and employees. Not only does the National Football League use extensive television time to market its league, it also uses news media and the internet to get the word out about the NFL and its position in the happenstances within the sporting and legal world. The NFL has to make these forward looking statements about discipline and drug abuse that is continually rearing its ugly head in the league.

The NFL has to give the view that the National Football League is getting down to business and is serious about the issues and actually doing something with the criminal issues that are seemingly insurmountable to deal with and is levying a stronger penalty than that of the courts is capable of. (Bloom, 2007)The NFL has an extensive multi-media resources department that delivers top notch films that documents stellar performers as well as championship teams during their seasons. Through NFL Films and NFL Properties, the league as The St. Petersburg Times pointed out in a recent report reached out to a mass audience and created a mythology by lifting the facemask off marquee players and offbeat personalities. (SportsDoc, 2007)TelevisionThrough it all, network television fueled the NFL's surge to the summit. When we speak about television the NFL annually ranks as the most-watched programming in sports and entertainment. In February,