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Little Fun Size Candy Communication Strategies

Jaime Enriquez

BUS 475

January 10, 2011

Lesley King

Writing a business plan is an important factor in beginning a business, but many owners are unsuccessful to make out the importance of one. A good plan focuses on meeting primary objectives, and to stay on track, it is essential in developing a good communication plan. Anytime managers put into practice strategic objectives, measures, and targets including marketing and information technology a communication plan are important to set and alert the businesses target audience. Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) has developed a communication plan, ways to monitor and control strategies and tactics to help Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) separate from any competitors when compared to local candy stores or concession stands giving Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) a competitive advantage in the market.

In attempt to keep employees, investors or shareholders, and management up to date, controls and monitoring will be important to the long-term success of Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS). With the use of strategic implementation a process that, "turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals" (MyStrategicPlan, 2010) facilitates the successful completion of strategic objectives and goals of LFSCS. Successful strategic implementation hinges on several key factors: action planning, organization structure, human resources, annual business plan, monitoring and control, and linkage (Birnbaum, 2009).

The strategic plan of any organization is the most resourceful plan that can be implemented by managers or owners. Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) takes satisfaction in the tactical and strategic plans generated for a local candy store offered in Silver Spring, MD. In order for Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) to...