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Lens crafters communication barriers are in existence within the organization due to the complexity of different tasks, constant change of structures, and ongoing development of technology. The company must be able to withstand any type communication barriers for example: information overload, noise, time pressures, and breakdown in communication network, information distortion, and cross-cultural barriers (Montana & Charon, 2008).


The individual tries to overcome information overload and noise by selecting only necessary parts of the available information to present to customers when selling an item and can sometimes result to inaccurate communication. The limiting of time to help customers makes communicating more challenging and time constraint does not always allow equal feedback time. The breakdown in a communication network slows down the whole process and everything must be handled manually (Fritz, 1996). The distortion of information appears in the workplace and affects the individual especially of competition and sales requirements.

The cross-cultural barriers also exist within the company making closing sales difficult to attain.

Usually communication barriers are the social factors that affect job performance which includes time pressures, loud noise, information overload, and cultural barriers. Being in a construction site many times those who are trying to communicate will need to walk over to each other in order to get the message delivered. Information overload happens when no one is communicating properly (Montana & Charon, 2008). Cultural barriers arise due to the different languages or dialectsbeing spoken. When this happens a translator has to be found so that the communication can be completed. Time pressures happen when deadlines are not being met and the organization is falling behind schedule.

Leadership Communication Responsibility

Leadership communication has the power to influence an employee's behavior which can improve or...