Community Gardens: A City in Need

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In my English 101 class, we were given the assignment to write a mock proposal that we would send in to our city.

I propose that Baltimore City create certain tracts of land throughout the city to be designated to the cultivation of gardens, both floral and vegetable, tended to and cared for by the citizens of Baltimore City at their leisure. And although the challenges of growing plants in the city include shadows from buildings and trees, hectic schedules, and small spaces; the benefits of urban gardens outweigh the problems.

Fruits, vegetables and flowers blossoming in the company of sport utility vehicles and jeeps may seem like a silly idea, but gardening in an urban development is not difficult. The gardens can range from simply a few pots, to a relatively large tract of land, depending on where you live, and the funds provided. A simple vacant lot, with the proper ingredients and several willing participants can become a beautiful and restful addition to any neighborhood.

An individual can choose from numerous different types of foliage to plant and cultivate. Many types of fruits and flowers do quite well in a downtown community. Fruits can range from apples to peaches and from strawberries to blueberries. Hearty flowers such as Azaleas, Poinsettias, and Roses make beautiful additions to any garden.

Gardening as a community can have an immense impact on our city. Community gardens make an important contribution to the fight against hunger, because the produce can be shared with congregations or individuals in need. Statistics say that individuals living in urban environments have gone up from one-third to one-half in the space of only a few years. And during this time, almost all have experienced some state of extreme poverty. Many of these people wish to work, but either...