Company case: Aibo: Looking for a Charged-up Spot?

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1) Personal Factors might affect the purchase of an Aibo, or a Wee Bot. For example: The economic situation is really important due to the fact that the Aibo is very expensive, so not everybody can afford it. However, most of them can afford to buy a Wee Bot. Another personal factor could be age. Elderly people could be motivated to buy this kind of product in order not to feel so lonely. Nevertheless, young people could also be induced to buy this product for their children.

2) Cultural factors should be study deeply by marketers because cultures vary from country to country. American's are more likely to buy this product because they tend to have pets. On the other hand, developing economies would prefer a real dog instead of the robot. Social class also could also affect the decision of buying an Aibo because each class in determine by its income.

For example people with low income would never buy an Aibo. However, they could prefer to buy a Wee Bot instead of a pet because of the high veterinarian fees.

3) Reference group expose a person to new behaviors and lifestyles, influence the person's attitudes and self-concept, and create pressures to conform that may affect the person product and brand choices.

4) I think that an individual is likely to satisfy his/her Esteem needs when purchasing an Aibo or a Wee Bot.

5) I believe that Sony choose the net to sell its products because this is the more widespread mean of information. Therefore, they do not need store, salespersons and many intermediaries to sell the product. Internet is the easiest way to promote a product.

It was a wise decision and I don't think that could influence the consumer's buying decision process.

6) With regard...