Compare and Contrast Human nature in Prelude and Don Juan. Woodsworth and Byron

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Compare and contrast William Wordsworth's and Lord Byron's views of human nature revealed in their poetry. In what sense can these views be considered 'Romantic'? Support your analysis with illustrations from The Prelude and Don Juan.


The 19th Century, it is well known as the Romantic period in English Literature. ciety. This unbridled passion in Romantic poets led to literature that depicted emotional matter in an imaginative form, with passion for nature, life and decadence of society; the greatest of which are love, beauty, truth and God. Poetry was considered by the Romantics to be the greatest form of art due to its ability to tell a story and still include a visual description of the imagined work of art that accompanies it in the mind. Romantic poets are still able to inspire thought in the mind of their readers, sometimes even intense deliberation and reflection.


The whole of Wordsworth prelude is considered to be a bible for him.

It is a private poem. He never published, only after his death the poem was published. The authors talk about his experiences and reflect on them. The events that happened to him were presented closely with details. The poet sees the experiences valuable to himself. These experiences actually happened, they are psychologically true in growth of the poet's mind. The whole poem is basically about his life. He feels that he is given the gift to write this poem and only he can teach mankind He uses nature to guide him and teach him from right to wrong. He also feels that through imagination one is able to penetrate beyond the surface of the material world. He strongly believes that man and nature seems inseparable.


Byron's Don Juan is a personal and subjective narrative of a main character,