Compare the main aspects and characters of Animal Farm to the main characters and aspects of the Russian Revolution.

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The Russian Revolution of 1917 ended the long reign of Tsars in Russia and created the communistic Soviet Union. It was this period in history that George Orwell satirised in his novel Animal Farm. Most of the characters have real life counterparts that relate directly to the Russian Revolution. Some examples include Snowball, Napoleon, Mr Jones, Old Major, Squealer and even the idea of Animalism can be linked with the Russian Revolution.

The most obvious character similarities in the two sides are Snowball to Trotsky, and Napoleon to Stalin. Snowball was young smart, an excellent speaker, educated and he really desired to make life better for all. Trotsky was the same. He was a pure communist, following Marx (Old Major) all the way. He too was chased away the secret police. Napoleon was uneducated and was not a good speaker. He was selfish, corrupt and extremely brutal at times, which can be seen in Napoleon when he executed many animals in front of all the others in cold blood.

Mr Jones and Old Major can also be related to the Russian Revolution. Mr Jones was irresponsible and cruel with his animals. His real life counterpart is the last Czar of Russia, who was also a poor leader at best. He was brutal with opposition although he was sometimes kind by hiring people as spies so they could make good money. Old Major’s counterpart is Karl Marx. They both invented the new form of government by a revolt, and both died before the actual revolt.

In Russia, Boxer represented the dedicated, but tricked communist supporters. Boxers saying, “Napoleon is right, I must work harder” is reflected upon the /Russian working class, who stay loyal to Stalin even after they were betrayed and it was obvious he was a tyrant. Although the...