Compare the Protagonist of "The Yellow Paper", "The Storm" and "Eveline"

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Compare the Protagonist of "The Yellow Paper", "The Storm" and "Eveline"

Weak neither strong gender does not exist, we all know that. These days we can find women doing the same jobs as good as any men can do it, in some cases even better. Their role played in the modern society has definitely changed. They are urged to excel, and the disparity among the gender roles is getting smaller every time. However, this was not true just a generation ago. Women before the late 1800's and early 1900's were merely good wives and mothers, expected to serve others, to sacrifice their ambitions and personal needs in order to please and care for others. These short narrations tell us the stories of three women, in different situations but in the same era. The epoch where become themselves meant confront the people and the society.

Eveline, Calixta and John's wife, represent women empowerment in their own way. Let's first take the case of "Eveline", a young woman in love, who has been won by Frank. She is decided to run away with him, marry him and "to live with him in Buenos Aires". In contrast to her present life full of hard work, Eveline looks forward to exploring another life with Frank and a new her across the seas. Compared to re-living her dead mother's life, Eveline has a chance to live her own life and begin something with Frank that is brand new, and unstamped by the impressions of the past. Start a new life in a new and far country is her dream, and she is decided not to end up like her mother, "living a life of commonplace sacrifices closing in final craziness". Her only alternative is to...