Comparing and contrasting kate and bianca of taming of the shrew by william shakespear

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In the beginning of the book Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, Bianca and Kate are entirely opposite. The author states that Bianca was a beautiful, quiet, respectful, considerate, and loving but it is declared through the statements of others. Kate on the other had is rowdy rambunctious, and ill-mannered, even though her personality was distasteful she was still beautiful in her own way. Their traits were what caused them to be loved or hated by many. Their father Baptista proposed to any suitor of Bianca that they would not be able to marry her until her wretched sister was married.

From what was said about Bianca by the Men in the story it is felt that she was a helpless young maiden who was perfect in every way. She never disrespected anyone. She was always very proper as any girl in that time was. Over all Bianca was the ideal sister, daughter, and wife.

In the story when Bianca is being taught her music she just sits there and pays attention.

Kate is exceptionally feisty. Any time that she able to criticize something she does. She is extremely narrow minded, when it is an issue that she does not agree with right away there is no chance that she will ever agree with it . Katherina by no means will give up a fight when she is trying to prove herself right. IN the tale Kate disregards everything her husband Petruchio says to her until later when she is finally beat in her own game.

Kate and Bianca, even though they are very different, they both share similar qualities. They can both be sensitive at times, for instance when had each gotten married they loved their husbands to all of their ability. The two of them also...