Comparing and contrasting the themes in "Little Shop of Horrors" to other films

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In the 1960 film "Little Shop of Horrors", the main character, Seymour acquires a strange plant, which, we find out later, talks, lives off blood and eats people. The main idea of this film is when you try to please everyone without regard to yourself you end up loosing yourself. The other characters in the story revolve around Seymour and this bizarre plant. He names the plant after his crush Audrey, who is an assistant in the flower shop where he works. The owner of the shop, Mr. Mushnick, is a greedy man with a Russian accent, who comes to see the plant as a way of making money. Another main character is Seymour's mother, who is an eccentric hypochondriac who tries to keep Seymour with her, to "take care of her". Seymour tries to please the people around him, even though most of the time he ends up bumbling any task he is given.

He has a good and innocent heart and genuinely cares for people.

The plant represents both Seymour's mother and Mr. Mushnick, also all of the other people in the world who take advantage of Seymour and other innocents like him. The plant lives off of blood and bodies, and it only opens and feeds at night. This is a vampiric reference, however it is not only sucking the blood and eating from others, it is also figuratively sucking the life out of Seymour, making him do these things to keep the plant alive. The plant forces Seymour to feed it more and more people to keep it alive, Seymour does this because he thinks the plant will make all his dreams come true. He wants to keep Mr. Mushnick happy so he can keep his job, and he wants to be able to...