Comparing the Novel "Anne of Green Gables" to "In spite of myself" by L.M.Montgomery .

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Comparing Anne of Green Gables to "In Spite of Myself"

The works of L.M.Montgomery may be about love or everyday life; and her setting mostly takes place in a poor cottage or a society mansion. But always, her stories open up for us a world we have lost, a world of old-fashioned values and concerns, a world that we enter into gladly. The master storyteller takes us to western Canada as well as to her beloved Prince Edward Island, where she incorporates her own life experience and lessons into the characters of her inspiring stories. Two of L.M.Montgomery's well-known works, Anne of Green Gables, and "In Spite of Myself", have similar qualities in terms of the protagonists' characteristics, the setting of the stories, as well as methods to achieving each of their goals.

The principal characters of the novel and short story, Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables and Augusta Ashley from "In Spite of Myself", show numerous similarities in their characteristics, beliefs, and points of view.

Anne is an eleven-year-old girl whose very lively and vivid imagination takes away the breath of her readers. Unlike most girls of her age, she speaks her mind as she wishes without having the fear of criticism by adults or anyone else. In Anne of Green Gables, Anne exclaims:

How dare you call me skinny and ugly? How dare you say I'm

freckled and red-headed? You are a rude impolite, unfeeling woman!

(Montgomery 66)

This suggests that Anne is a daring child who talks back to those that are rude to her no matter who they are. She stands for what is right and does not go back on her words. At other times, Anne may be a young girl full of spirit, heart, and vivacity. In the following...