comparing religion and science

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"How would you compare religion and science?"

We live in a world that contains complicated and various beliefs, thoughts and attitudes. To this point, every people have to understand the world and the society in which they live to sustain their own life properly. Most of them do not ask questions themselves like either how can I understand the world around me or what is outside of the view of the experiences I try to comprehend? At first glance, it is not easy to find the answer of that how people think and understand the social world. In that sense, some of them may choose and focus more religion and they view religion as a way of obtaining knowledge about the world. On the other hand, some of them may have more tendency to believe in science and experimental studies about the world.

Therefore, religious beliefs and scientific knowledge coexist in the world.

Do we have any genes that supply religious beliefs? Is a belief in God encoded in DNA of human beings or does faith in science reduce the power of our religious beliefs? These questions have always been part of the global discussion about religion and science. It is considered by many people that religion and science are in a competition. Even they are enemies. Ultimately, it is a well known fact that science and religion both look for answers to life's great and significant questions. However, they use many diverse methods when they try to seek answers and therefore they reach different answers. Even though science and religion both look for answers about many of the same things and frequently approach different consequences, they are not certainly competitors in life. In other words, powerful...