This is a comparision of the Dravidian and ayran civilizations of india and how they relate to pantheism and theism

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Pantheism vs. Theism: A Comparative Look at the Ancient Dravidian and Aryan Civilizations of India

In today's world, the most common vision of religion seen by most people is primarily a dogmatic, overly structured skeleton of rules and ritualistic traditions. Theism is the belief that God is a transcendental being above all other earthly and heavenly beings with an extent of knowledge and power that is literally unreachable by anyone or anything. This ideal is the cause of a religious stagnation that has imprisoned the minds and hearts of the majority of people in mainstream society. Tragically, thousands of bloody and unnecessary wars have been fought over the unending span of time for the sake of dogma (who's is right, who's is evil, who's is oldest, etc.). Pantheism is a metaphysical religious position in which God is immanent, it is an essence that exists in all things and that everyone and everything is in its own way, "god-like" or filled with God.

This ideal is much more peaceful and simplistic. The notion that spirituality and wisdom of God are gained through experience is very different than the overbearing hand of theism which instructs people specifically on what exactly they should worship and how God wants to be worshiped. Pantheists are opposed to the existence of a "minded" being that possesses the characteristic properties of a "person," such as having intentional states and associated capacities such as the ability to make decisions (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). Taken as a denial of theism and atheism, pantheists deny the belief that God (i.e. an all-inclusive divine Unity) is completely transcendent. They deny that God is "totally other" than the world or ontologically distinct from it. The dichotomy between transcendence and immanence has been a principal source of philosophical and religious concern in Western...