Comparision Of White Fang And Call Of The Wild

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The novels White Fang and the Call of the Wild, are stories based on two dog-like animals. In the Call of the Wild Buck, a St. Bernard and a Scotch Shepherd dog, is the main character, and in White Fang, it is White Fang who is ¾ wolf and ¼ dog. During both these novels many enormous changes are forced upon each animal, such as learning to survive in new surroundings (survival of the fittest), adapting to new areas, as well as suffering major amounts of abuse from others. Although both animals suffer much trauma both do have a some what happy ending leading them out of the situations they dreaded the most. White Fang and the Buck represents all animal's that change their personality and lifestyle due to a change in surroundings.

A major theme played through both novels is "survival of the fittest." Buck with his great amounts of strength shows how he surpasses the brutally beatings knowing, "he was beaten; but he was broken."

(Pg. 449) Buck shows his abilities to move on even in the darkest situations. As well Buck transforms to be a more stable dog for the type of area he is in. "His muscles became hard as iron, and he grew callous to ordinary pain." (Pg. 454) Bucks commitment to his survival shows great amounts of strength on his part, changing from a house dog, to a sled dog. These same events happen throughout White Fang just viewed somewhat differently. White Fang was always striving to attain life, "the way he was predestined to tread." (Pg. 66) He believed that seeing how he was the "only survivor of the litter," (Pg.65 ) he was destiny to make it. White Fang learned to live strongly without his mother. He learned the law: "EAT OR...