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Analysis of the Canterbury Tales characters Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) son of a merchant, page in a royal house, soldier, diplomat, and royal clerk, Geoffrey Chaucer saw quite a bit the medieval worlds. His varied experiences helped prepare him to write The Canterbury Tales.

It provides the best contemporary picture we have of fourteenth-century England.

Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in his later years. Only 24 of the projected 124 tales were finished, but these 24 stand together as a complete work.

In this masterwork, each character tells a tale on the pilgrimage to the cathedral of Canterbury.

Even as the tellers of The Canterbury Tales come from the length and breadth of medieval society, the tales themselves take you on a trip through medieval literature: romances and comedies; stories in rhyme and stories in prose; crude humor and religious mysteries.

Because the characters of The Canterbury Tales reflect some values of the medieval society now I am going to compare some characters of these tales with famous characters of our contemporaries days.

The option that I have chosen is option number 2, and I am going to compare three character of the same class with predictable characteristics.

The characters are: -The knight compared with George W. Bush -The wife of bath compared with Madonna -The squire compared with Leonardo Di Caprio The knight compared with George W. bush The knight is distinguished man, he is full of values such as truth, honor, generousness and courtesy. He had done nobly in his sovereign's war and he has ever been honored for his noble graces.( Lines 43,46-47).

George W. Bush is distinguished man, he try to reflect similar values like the knight, such values are: the truth, the honor, generousness and courtesy.

George W. Bush does not fight in a religious...