Comparison between The Red Badge of Courage and April Morning. Compares various aspects of both stories

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The Red Badge of Courage and April Morning can be compared in a variety of ways. The characters, Adam in April Morning, and Henry in The Red Badge of Courage, are different, their emotions are different, their fighting environment is contradictory, and their overall experience is far from similar. Despite the fact that they had many similar reasons to fight, they each had a distinct difference.

The characters are quite different in many ways. The main character, Adam, in April Morning uses complete English when he speaks. The character in The Red Badge of Courage uses slang and cut of language such as 'over th' river'. The character in April Morning was also more religious. He was brought up by reading the Bible and his father was very strict about superstitions. In the Red Badge of Courage, Henry is very slack and is surrounded by youngsters who are very sloppy and messy.

The soldiers around him are a bad influence on Henry's character and etiquette.

The environment Henry and Adam were in is nearly opposites. Henry, in The Red Badge of Courage is a boy who thinks war is the coolest thing. He has never seen the horror of war and nobody can shatter his dream of being a hero as he has read from Greek and Roman Epics. Adam, on the other hand saw his father die and his father was there to tell him the dangers of fighting and the fact that a man could die or be greatly injured fighting with weapons such as guns and cannons. Henry had no experience in these matters. They both decided to fight no matter what the dangers were anyway.

Their fighting environment is different altogether. Adam is fighting Redcoats in a place where he grew up. Adam...